Kenai Fjords Tours

Entwine with Nature through Kenai Fjords Tours

South-central Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is a treasure trove of priceless sights and sounds, with rich flora and fauna. Among the many gems of this North American endowment is the exquisite, crenulated coastline of fjords featured in the Kenai Fjords National Park.

Located at the tip of Kenai Peninsula, this wondrous piece of land carved by ocean storms and glaciers takes people back to the ice age. Kenai Fjords National Park abounds with marine life suitable for whale watching and wildlife viewing. It is also a great place for bird watching and other nature exploration. Kenai Fjords’ rich marine waters, rocky shores, and verdant meadows also contributed to Alaska’s native Alutiiq heritage. This famous landmark of valleys mainly carved by glacial activities is celebrated as the main highlight in world-renowned tour and travel packages for Alaska.

Kenai fjords tours offer a variety of popular itineraries and adventures. Day cruises, boat, and other transportation travel packages can be enjoyed in this breathtaking place teeming with life, science, and history. After people disembark on the international airport at Anchorage, the adventure begins at the 130 mile Seward Highway. Known as the “Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park,” Seward’s scenic seaside village is mostly the starting point of Kenai fjords tours. The almost three-hour drive is considered as one of America’s most spectacular road trips because of the expansive vistas along the way. Dramatic views of the Chugash Mountain Range, Turnagain Arm, and splendid glaciers take one’s breath away.

Upon arrival at the seaside town of Seward, the bustling harbor, quaint shops, and gorgeous galleries welcome people to the many different Kenai fjords tours. First off is Mt. Marathon, prominently rising behind the coastal community. Aside from touring the spectacular views of scree fields, cliffs, and waterfalls, this mountain is the venue for America’s second oldest footrace staged every Fourth of July. Also, the bountiful waters of seaside Seward give travelers an unmatched fishing experience as plentiful hundreds of pounds of halibut and famous salmon bump on fishing boats due to their sheer number.

Another common tour stop is the Alaska SeaLife Center. Travelers may have a nose-to-glass encounter with marine creatures such as sea lions and seals. This center lets people observe ongoing marine researches as they happen. It’s an all-in-one special facility that caters to rehabilitation, education, and research for Alaska’s diverse marine life.

A variety of Keni fjords boat tours is available to those who want to witness the unsurpassed wildlife spectacles of swimming humpback and killer whales, sea lions, otters, seals, and puffins. Stunning fjords and glaciers are just fifteen minutes from town, with a half-mile trail that lets people get close enough to touch Exit Glacier.

Seward’s Lowell Point provides access to Resurrection Bay. People can glide through its glassy waters by kayaking where they are accompanied by sea eagles, seals, and sea otters. One of Alaska’s top ten hikes can also be experienced by walking Caines Head’s mile-long beach or trekking its five-mail coastal trail.

Kenai fjords tours can cater to whatever traveling desire that a person aspires to have. They offer anything from day cruises, boat tours, water-taxi drop offs, and others to give people access to secluded coves, fantastic fjords, and grandiose glaciers with options to enjoy the bays and beaches, rent private cabins and kayak for marine wildlife and bird watching.