Kenai Fjords

Kenai Fjords One of a Kind Tourist Attractions

Imagine this, waking up to the cry of an eagle piercing through a calm morning and the swooshing waves of a nearby body of water crashing against the rocky shore and upon getting up, you walk up on your window to check the weather and a mass of ice capped mountains reflecting the warm rays of sunlight greets you. It gives the word serenity a whole new meaning. If you think this is too good to be true, think again. In Kenai Fjords, this experience is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kenai Fjords is a national park established in 1980, located on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska and can be reached through Seward. There are various activities and sights to offer. For one, this place got its name from the numerous Fjords formed around the National Park. A Fjord is a glaciated valley opening through the mouth of an ocean. It is also the home of the largest ice field in the United States the Harding Ice Field. Tourists can hike along a trail, which passes through meadows and alder forests; the trail is specially taken cared of by volunteers of the park. Upon reaching the top of the rail, one can see the spectacular view of endless ice and snow, which is occasionally interrupted by lonely peaks or what the locals call nunatak. Not so experienced hikers need not to worry, because the view from lower elevations of the trail is as much as spectacular with the view from the top. There are also local rangers that guide tourist through the trail. The glaciers are formed by about 30 to 50 years of compacting snow, so just imagine how long it took for these ice fields to form.

Kenai Fjords is also teeming with wildlife. On a glacier cruise, tourists, while seated on comfortable heated seats within the vessel can marvel at the glaciers formed by hundreds of years of glacial activity. Gray, humpback, and orca whales, sea lions and porpoise can also be spotted during the cruise. Cruises are often narrated by experienced navigators. Tourists can pick from Resurrection Bay Cruise, Northwestern Fjord tour and National Park Tour all of which have equally breath-taking scenery. If a cruise does not suit you, there are also tours that offer Kayaking with tour guides. Paddling through the pristine Alaskan waters, it allows adventurous tourist to take an up-close look at the glaciers and wildlife at this Fjords.

Tourists can also rent lodges in this fjord for the ultimate Alaskan experience. Experience a night away from city noise and be awakening by nature’s music. Different packages include a meal of Alaskan salmon and of course the famous Alaskan crab. Most of the lodges are on a protected lagoon area, surrounded by mountain ranges covered with snow.

Kenai Fjords has a lot to offer for students, wildlife enthusiasts, scientists, nature lovers or those who would just like to get in touch with nature and experience a one of a kind Alaskan Vacation.