Kenai Peninsula Borough

Vacationing in the Kenai Peninsula Borough and Fishing at the Kenai Peninsula

Outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts often have a hard time looking for that one perfect vacation spot that truly embodies their perception of “the great outdoors”. In a time when skyscrapers and modernity engulf each, and every inch of available air, water, and landscape, Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula can be considered as one of the very last few natural paradises in existence. Situated in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, the Kenai Peninsula prides itself as Alaska’s Playground because of the wealth of natural beauty and outdoor activities it offers to locals and visitors alike.

Jutting from the southern edge of the state’s coastline, the Kenai Peninsula Borough is known for quaint and cozy fishing towns like Kenai, Seward, Seldovia, and Soldotna among others.  One of the main draws of the area is its beautiful landscapes. The area is littered with preserved parks like Kenai Fjords National Park, Chugach Natural Forest, Katmai National Park and Preserve, and many more areas that showcase the natural beauty of the state of Alaska.

These areas are not just renowned for their cozy accommodations, which annually attract tourists who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Kenai Peninsula is the favorite destination of fishing enthusiasts because of the abundant supply of freshwater and saltwater fishes inhabiting thee numerous lakes and rivers dotting the area. The total area of the Kenai Peninsula Borough is made up of approximately 35% water.

Stretching for 82 miles, the Kenai River, in particular, is known to have a rich and varied salmon population including king salmon, red salmon, silver salmon, and the occasional pink salmon that attracts fishing enthusiasts from all over. The most popular catch in the Kenai Peninsula waters is the King or Chinook salmon, famed not just for its abundance but also for its large size.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch one of the waters’ famed large King trout during their mid-July run. A trip to the “Lower Kenai” area might even surprise you with the size of the salmon swimming about. During August and September, local fishermen usually anticipate the silver salmon’s run while late June until July are the months of the red salmon, deemed by many as top quality salmon. The pink salmon on the other hand, while seen as pesky by most fishermen, also have rare runs along the waters of Kenai River that are anticipated by those who want to attempt the challenge of catching these species during their prime moment.

One of the oldest communities in the Kenai Peninsula Borough that all tourists must visit is the picturesque town of Seward. Seward is more prominently known as the “Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park”, home to the numerous majestic fjords and to at least 38 of Alaska’s glaciers, and is widely regarded as one of the state’s best scenic communities. Visitors who are looking to spend a peaceful and quiet vacation can spend hours touring the town’s harbor district and stroll down the streets of the historic downtown districts that are filled with interesting shops and galleries. Foodies will especially love the freshly caught seafood cuisine being offered in the town’s restaurants.