Kenai River

Discovering the Kenai River, Alaska’s Fantastic Meltwater River

Alaska is home to some of America’s finest natural locations as well as some of the most picturesque spots. When one visits any of those places, an undeniable feeling of closeness to nature as well as a laidback, stress-free atmosphere often follows. Think about it. Imagine looking straight at the beauty of tranquil beauty of the river as well as the peaceful green color of the trees, and the magnificent view of the mountain in the far distance. These are beholding sights any traveler will find by visiting one of Alaska’s premiere nature spots…the Kenai River.

Located at the Kenai Peninsula in the southern central region of the state, the river is well known for its beauty as well as its proximity to nearby spots like the Kenai Mountains and the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. It is over eighty miles long moving westward and its water is sourced from the Kenai Peninsula. For nature enthusiasts, anyone can spend a good amount of time trekking the land, through the woods and watch the wildlife from a safe distance. At various spots along the river, explorers can find several species of birds flying in the air as well as moose, caribou and bears traveling over the land. The Kenai River, for the most part, is famous as a sport fishing hot spot and it is no secret that fishers from around the country and even parts of the world go there to fish. The river is a notable venue of major runs (two per year) of varied species of Pacific salmon (pink, red, silver and king salmon). Many of the fishes caught in the river are large in size and weight. Some fishes caught are almost as long as a man. One can do a quick image search for these Kenai fishes and see just how impressive they look.

Other than nature trekking or fishing, the river also has several resorts or cottages were travelers can stay and enjoy their close encounter with nature. Any fisherman can bring his family or his fishing partners to the Kenai Riverbend Resort and take advantage of their promos that include fishing charters but also luxurious lodging (as long as seven nights). The resort has log cabins and each of them have amazing views of the river, space for as many as six guests, kitchen, private bathroom, a strategic sitting area, and more. Also available is the resort’s Chinook trophy lodge. Made with luxury in mind, the lodge has seven rooms and each of them has beds made of logs, private bath, and a magnificent view of the river. The lodge is also ideal for gatherings from parties to corporate conferences, and more. From fishing, to adventuring, nature watching and relaxing stay-ins, the Kenai River is truly the hot spot for various types of tourists. It is the definitive place where one can stay close to nature and at the same time experience the beauty of Alaskan hospitality. Spending time at Alaska’s premier river is worth anyone’s time and money.