Seward Alaska

Rich Fishing Opportunities Amid Great Scenic Beauty

Seward Alaska is a magnet for serious sport anglers from all over the world who are drawn by its rich fishing grounds and vast natural beauty. You can test your mettle against the famed leaping silver salmon or the celebrated King salmon in the waters around Seward or sail to adjacent seas to catch trophy lingcod or giant Pacific halibut. And while fishing, you can enjoy the vast scenic vistas of Resurrection Bay, one of the region’s most breathtaking coastal landscapes. You don’t even need to take out to sea to fish, since freshwater fishing is available at nearby streams or you can even fish directly from the shore once the silver salmon have reached the beaches.

Seward Alaska is a cozy community of some 4,000 that is nestled between high mountain ranges in the Kenai Peninsula. The coastal town is noted for being the seventh richest fishing port in America as well as being a noted ecotourism site due to its proximity to the Kentai Fjords National Park. But fishing remains the main draw of the town, with fishermen flocking to the Silver Salmon Derby in August and the Jackpot Halibut Tournament in the summer. The Derby, in particular, is the town’s claim to fame due to its rich prize pot, which includes a $50,000 grand prize as well as lesser awards including SUVs, trips to Hawaii and complementary resort stays.

For non-fishing tourists, however, Seward Alaska also offers a wide range of attractions, including the Alaska SeaLife Center, a public aquarium and marine research center that allows guests to view marine life in a naturalistic setting and the Potter Section House Railroad Museum, which features vintage photographs and model railroads that tell the story of Alaska’s historic railroad line. Or if you feel like basking in nature, you can take a hike along the Potter Creek Viewpoint and Trail, a great place to spot moose, or have lunch at the McHugh Creek State Picnic Area, which offers some spectacular views of the landscape as well as a waterfall. If you visit during the Fourth of July, you can witness the annual race up the 2,500-ft. Mt. Marathon, which is participated in by hundreds of runners of both genders.

If you plan to visit Seward Alaska, however, planning is essential to avoid being disappointed. Accommodations and charters can be sold out for months in advance, so be sure to book well ahead of time, particularly if you’re planning to participate in the Silver Salmon Derby. If you have your eye set on catching a particular species of fish, you should also time your trip carefully. This is because there are some months that are more favorable than others are for certain species. Freshwater fishing for king salmon, for example, is at its peak from June and July and saltwater fishing for the species from May until August.

Visiting Seward Alaska is also surprisingly affordable to those without a big budget. You can drive to the town from Anchorage, enjoying the sights along the way, and then stay at a campsite or RV park, or even avail of low rates from some of the small hotels in town. Food and other products are not cheap, however, and you should purchase these in Anchorage beforehand to save money.